Creek Bristow, Oklahoma Roadblocks

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Entrance to Will Rogers Toll Road I-44 ‘Midway

Creek Bristow, OklahomaNov 13, 2015

All vehicles are ordered to exit the toll road to pay a toll in cash if the vehicle does not have a “Pike Pass’, where a Highway Patrol vehicle is stationed before the toll booth and an officer is operating a de facto road block by observing vehicles entering the toll booth, then pulling them over for safety related issues such as a burned out tail light or not signaling a lane change, then asking the driver to exit their vehicle and sit in the front seat of the patrol; car for a warning ticket.
Thus begins the ’20 questions’, where are you coming from, where are you going to and why, etc etc, as he runs a warrant check and then stating “you seem nervous what is in your car that should not be there I am going to find it so tell me now”.
These sort of checkpoints violate probable cause thresholds in the spirit and letter of the law in that they afford the citizen ‘no exit’ as outlined in recent Supreme Court findings.

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