Toronto, Ontario Roadblocks

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Dufferin SB, just after Finch

Toronto, OntarioJun 29, 2013

1AM. It is in the trough of a hill at canadian tire.
Nearly Invisible until Too Late!
First time viewing, turned around to avoid (only because I do not have a physical license, although it is entirely valid.. NOT because I was impaired (MADD))

404 Southbound at Steeles/Woodbine overpasses

Toronto, OntarioMar 01, 2003

Mainly used to nab speeders (this area is populated with Chinese, Filipino and Indian kids with dressed up imports), seatbelt violators, and passing on the shoulder. It causes traffic, and onetime in this traffic. I edged onto the shoulder to see what was causing it. Yup, $105 fine for "passing" on the shoulder. Almost 95% chance of being there AM Rush hour (I use same route every day)

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