Approximately 600 E on Pioneer Crossing

Lehi, UtahAug 26, 2011

A DUI checkpoint has been announced for Thursday Sept 1 from 9 AM until 2 PM on Friday September 2 2011. The location is at about 600 East on Pioneer Crossing, the nearest intersections to that point are 300 East street to the west and Mill Pond Road (850 East) to the East. Note that this location is on a bend, and depending on the direction of travel it may make it difficult to see the checkpoint sufficiently in advance to be able to conveniently turn around or turn off to avoid the checkpoint. And there is a solid island the length of Pioneer Crossing that prevents U-turns except at intersections. So once you cross the prior intersections you are committed to this checkpoint.

This checkpoint is set at a very unusual time, and is on a major commuter route and is sure to cause lengthy delays during the two rush hour periods it will impact travel over. Periods that are not commensurate with likely periods of drunk driving activity. Thursday night most drivers will have work the next day and will thus be unlikely to go out drinking. Especially since the following weekend is Labor Day when most who are likely to engage in heavy drinking will be doing so, rather than the mid-week time set.

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