At the entrance gate of county Police parking lot

Upper Marlboro, MarylandApr 01, 2019

A group of new police officers of training (rookies) obstructed the road traffic, pulling out vehicles and caused a lot of traffic jam. A rookie police officer stood in the center of the road holding and pointing radar gun on vehicles. This is absolutely disturbing and ridiculous. This situation was unlawfully stopping vehicles without a reasonable suspicion or reasonable cause.
In Laurel , Maryland most on weekend police vehicles with be jumping from behind from a rear of a vehicle to another vehicle sporting to find fault. They formed roadblocks for the purpose of DUI and immigration enforcement. causing inconvenience to people returning from parties of clubs. This is strange as it is a kind of severity of the intrusion and inconvenience to motorists. On Glenadale greenbelt road maryland by firehouse, the police position themselves for the sake to pull someone over for no reason.

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