Aviation Highway E / Paloverde overpass

Tuscon, ArizonaDec 01, 2007

I was going east on Aviation Highway approaching the Palo Verde under pass when I saw a bunch of cop lights on ahead. I wasn’t sure if there was an accident or what. Then I saw some stop signs and people waving me through so I thought that it was a construction site. Till I passed the 3rd stop sign and realized that it was a sobriety check point. The sheriff stopped me and asked where I was coming from? I said from my parents house and then the other sheriff guy asked me if I had been doing any drinking. I said " No! " I was annoyed! Then they said ok be careful driving and handed me a sobriety checkpoint pamphlet. I thought how sneaky of them to try and trick people into thinking that it was a construction work site. So be aware of those night time construction sites they might be check points.

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