Bryan Station road near the 5000 block

Lexington, KentuckyOct 01, 2002

We live less than a mile from the roadblock i just posted. We live in a mobile home park that is I guess strike one against us.

This roadblock is setup at this location strictly for the people in the mobile home park because as we all know people who live in a mobile home must be scumbags and on drugs, strike two against us.

The law sets up these roadblocks and are knowingly discriminating against people who don’t have the means to do anything about their harrassment, strike three against us and were out and completely at the mercy of the law.

I am an electrician and my wife is going to college to become a psychologist, we both work very hard and feel this very wrong. We cannot leave our community without being stopped and questioned, and it is not just on a Friday or Saturday night! They set up shop during the week, Sunday afternoons etc.

We would like to know who we can contact about this! They don’t have roadblocks set up outside the country club, where all the rich people go, and get drunk, in fact, they have a policeman directing traffic for them, when they leave!

They KNOW that no lawyers, or anyone with high status, lives in a mobile home park, so thats why they target us! Because we are "trash" and I’m sick of it!!

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