Clarkes Bridge Road

Gainesville, GeorgiaJan 01, 2009

This Road block is set up almost on a weekly basis. Especially during the summer months. I personally have been told to pull off to the side because my eyes were red at least 10 times. (By the way I don’t smoke weed) Pollen season mostly. When informing officers about this fact they told me to be quiet or they will find a ticket to write. They stop ALL vehicles, typically 2-3 cop cars are there. One car always is ready to chase. If you take to long to find licence or anything they ask for, you will be directed to the side. Mostly GSP and maybe every now and then a Hall county will be there. Its always the same GSP cop. He looks like he’s 16 years old and weighs about 120. He always asks about alcohol. You will know its him because his hat looks like a UFO landed on his head.

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