Coast Meridian Overpass

Port Coquitlam, British ColumbiaOct 30, 2011

It was set up in both directions (north & southbound).
Was leaving the Cat & Fiddle @ 10:45pm
asked the usual questions like were you’re coming from?
have you had anything to drink? …and how much?
then explained about the breathalyzer, once i blew completely, it came up with “WARN” and i was told i could have a second blow into the device, but there was a chance it could read “FAIL”so i declined.
My passenger was told that they could drive the car home if they blew into the device, which she did and got a “PASS” despite she also had been drinking. After i received te “IRP” ($200 monetary penalty) we left, however the officer didnt even check to see if she had a valid drivers licence…

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