Collinsworth Road in front of the EMC building

Coweta County, GeorgiaOct 22, 2013

At approx. 14:30 about 5-6 Coweta county deputies created a roadblock on Collinsworth Rd. and were standing in the middle of the road stopping both lanes of traffic. Upon stopping, I was asked for my license. I said to the deputy, “What is the purpose of this roadblock?” He then stated, “It’s a license check.” I said, “Is that even legal.” He stated, “Yes. Fully.” I then asked the deputy, “What moving violation did I commit or what probable cause or reasonable suspicion do you have for making this stop and asking for my license?” He stared blankly at me for a moment which then I provided my license not to cause a scene because of my son being in the vehicle. The deputy then glanced at it for all of 2 seconds, did not run my name, plates, insurance, NOTHING nor anyone else that was stopped from what I witnessed.

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