Davis Road in front of SaveMart

Salinas, CaliforniaJun 01, 2010

Drivers are delayed up to 20 minutes, affecting nearby businesses like Applebees. Drivers are questioned about where they have been and where they are going. Roadblock personel are young and aggressive. This comment was not made by a propogandist for law enforcement which in recent months seemed to have taken to spinning their roadblocks on this registry.

Know this: over a quarter of the states have limited or banned roadblocks by finding additional protections under their state constitutions. Pick up a sign. Go stand where the traffic is backed up. Talk to the inconvenienced drivers. Encourage them to voice their displeasure at being stopped without probable cause. Freedom isn’t free. There will always be someone ready to take it from you, always with a good excuse why you don’t deserve it.

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