Elkin Highway and Fairplains Road

North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaJun 23, 2014

Monday,June 23,2014 9:30pm.Checking license,was only asked for a driver license.North Wilkesboro police setup a license check at this same location just 2 weeks ago,making this a targeted area for motorist.
They do not state why they have setup the road block,they just do it.Tonight there were 4 vehicles in front of me being stopped and 3 more behind me being stopped,no random motorist,everyone is a target here.

The law enforcement, being county,town or the State Troopers have a “we own the road” mentality.One particular State Trooper wasn’t familiar with a certain NC General statue that I had referred to just last week and when he went to look it up, the code book his office had was OUTDATED!
Too many of them breaking driving codes they enforce on us motorist.Really displeased with the double standards being displayed by the law enforcement.

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