Elkin Highway in front of Knottville Fire Department.

Wilkes County, North CarolinaJun 12, 2014

Occurred Saturday June 7,2014 in the evening hours by the NC Highway Patrol.The officer never specified the reason for the check point but I was asked to present a drivers license.

This particular area is subject for a check point being setup frequently.I have came through it several times the past few months and feel that it is evident enough that this particular area is targeted and it is not “random”.
Also,with the primary spot that is chosen can pose safety concerns for travelers as it is being set up on a decline of a small hill just after a traffic light which in essence is a blind spot for drivers and is in a 55 m.p.h zone.
During daylight hours when check point is conducted this can poes as a hazard for travelers that come upon it suddenly.

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