Entrance ramp to I-91 / Rt 15 south from Airport Road

Hartford, ConnecticutJul 19, 2011

Several times a year – always in nice weather, of course – state troopers set up a seat belt check/enforcement on the entrance ramp to Rt15/I-191 south from Airport Road. If you’re coming from the city you cannot see it until you turn onto the ramp; if you’re coming from the airport direction you’ll get stuck in the left turn lane and have to go that way. There is no escape once you do, and you don’t have time to put on your belt before they see you.

They do not directly STOP you, but two troopers stand encroaching into the travel lane on each side, so you are forced to slow down so they can observe you. If you are observed without a belt you are told to pull over to the right side, off the ramp.

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