Grant Line Rd, eastbnd, between Hwy 99 and RR xing

Elk Grove, CaliforniaJan 01, 2007

Very high profile roadblock, with many, many black/white cop cars, police motorcycles, fire trucks and paddy wagons. Staffed by Elk Grove PD, Folsom PD, Sacramento PD, county Sherriffs and CHP. Lots of cops standing around BSing with each other (your tax dollars at work). All cars stopped and checked for alcohol, drugs, licensing, registration, your destination and where you are coming from. As you approach, cop cars/motorcycles are on the side of the road to go after anyone who attempts to turn around. Location is eastbound, just before the railroad tracks. If you are alert, you can see the lights in time to quickly turn left into the ARCO station, pump a couple gallons, then choose another route by going north on Hwy 99 to Elk Grove Blvd, to cut back to Grant Line after the checkpoint. Due to the number of cars stopped, expect about a 10 minute delay waiting in line before they interrogate you.

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