Hwy 109 at Legends Parkway

Eureka, MissouriJul 03, 2011

This road block is set up once a month usually on Friday evenings starting from 9:00pm till 4:00am for the last 5 years like clock work! The last check point was 6-24-11.

They were checking for insurance, registration, drunk drivers etc. The officer told me they set up once a month after I informed him they are setting up too often and delaying 99% of the people that are doing no wrong and that every time I get stopped in Eureka I’m going to complain to the Chief and the Mayor.

I told him that there is the right way and the wrong way to go about catching offenders and they are doing it the wrong way! Instead paying 6 officers to stay in one area all night they should have them doing regular patrols spread out and stopping the offenders and not every person that drives by!

Wake up people, if we allow this to continue in the future they will be knocking on your door to check and see what you are doing in your home!!! And one more thing: What gives a officer the right to ask if you have had anything to drink tonight, when he has absolutely no reasonable suspicion to ask!

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