Hwy 109 & Legends

Eureka, MissouriMar 04, 2013

There has always been a check point at this location for many years typically on friday nights between 8:00am and 4:00pm. There has not been a check point for many months. The reason I understand is because many people in my community including me have complained to the city. This shows you all how if we unite we can overcome the communist BS that is happining all over the country! I am against drunk driving and people that break the law! But there is a right way and a wrong way of getting offenders!! Check points punish the good and take freedom to be minding your own business. NEXT TIME YOUR STOPED FOR NO REASON OTHER THEN THEM CHECKING WITH NO PROBABLE CAUSE OR REASON OTHER THEN DOING THERE JOB…. SAY THIS………… OFFICER I APRECIATE WHAT YOU DO EVERY DAY ON THE JOB KEEPING US ALL SAFE BUT THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT WAY OF GETTING OFFENDERS AND I NEED TO ASK YOU FOR YOUR BUISNESS CARD AND IF YOU DONT HAVE ONE I NEED YOUR FULL NAME. IF HE SAYS WHATS THE REASON…. SAY BECAUSE IM GOING TO MAKE A COMPLAINT TO YOUR LUITENANT AND YOUR CAPTAIN. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU OFFICER ITS ABOUT PEOPLE BEING STOPED FOR NO PROBABLE CAUSE OR JUSTIFABLE REASON OTHER THEN DRIVING DOWN THE ROAD, AND I AND MANYOTHERS HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT. Then call your local police department the next day and ask to speak to the Captain and tell him what I just said and that you consider it unacceptable! And that it needs to stop! And when he says its for your safety then you say I don’t like someone knocking on my door to see if there is any illegal activity going on with no probable reason or cause to check! Tell him to give you his home address so you can randomly knock on his door when his wife and kids or there around 6pm and when they answer the door that you will tell his wife I’m here to see if everything is ok and if there is any illegal activity going on. Tell him I’m sure his wife and himself wouldn’t like that very much if you did that 1 time a month just to check and see if everything is ok. The problem is we need to all stop turning our head and looking the other way and speak our thoughts otherwise ten years down the road it will get worse and they will be doing door to door checkpoints you just wait and see if you don’t believe me.

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