Hwy 136 & Waterloo Road

Cookeville, TennesseeJun 23, 2011

I went through a roadblock Thursday. We have the same roadblocks for 3 days every June and September. We have a bike rally and the police don’t like it.

Well my windows were down because it was hot an we were coming to a stop at the roadblock. The officer asked how dark my window tint was and was it factory? I told him I just got the car from the dealership a week ago, which I had.

We were asked to pull to the side and turn off the engine. I was the passenger, my husband the driver. My window was checked with a gauge and I was told Tennessee’s legal window tint is 10% and mine was 13%. We were asked for identification and our names were called in while the warning was being written and the drug dog was sniffing around my car.

I thought I was the only lucky one but when we arrived at the bike rally, half of the people went through the same ole crap! Is this legal?

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