Hwy. 411 and Walker Mountain Rd

Rome, GeorgiaJul 30, 2015

This road block occurred on July 31st around 1:50 AM. They narrowed the 2 lane hwy to a one lane with cones and cop cars (in bothis directions of the hwy.) They had at least 30 least cops present including the crime scene investigation unit with them (state troopers were also present). The cop who I encountered with only asked “can I see your license?” He peeped in my vehicle and I showed him my license he promptly responded “thank you, be safe”. While I was getting my license another vehicle in the other direction tired to split and I overheard another cop ask “is anyone going to stop him?” Immediately a police car took off after the feeling vehicle. I have never encountered such a road block. Very strange almost felt like they were looking for someone or they are doing huge training classes. Also a very strange time to have a roadblock set up.

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