I-10 eastbound mile marker 4

Blythe, ArizonaFeb 28, 2015

Law enforcement checkpoint.
They have blocked all eastbound lanes except 1 where they are running dogs and conducting illegal vehicle searches without probable cause/reasonable suspicion.
If forced to exit your vehicle, make sure you goose-step toward the location to which you are instructed.
If you survive this encounter without being killed or incarcerated, make sure you write or call every elected official who represents you and ask them when was The Constitution and Bill of Rights suspended in this country.

Do not comply with demands that are unwarranted and unreasonable.
If detained at a checkpoint:

You are not obligated to answer any questions. Simply state “I do not answer questions” or “I am exercising my 5th amendment privilege, I choose to remain silent”,

Ask the officer “Am I being detained?” Without probable cause or reasonable suspicion of a crime, the officer cannot detain you. If the officer tells you that you are not being detained, ask him, “Am I free to go?”. Your goal is to be on your way as soon as possible.

Never, EVER, consent to a vehicle search. The officer may threaten to detain you until he can call in a K-9 unit or obtain a search warrant. Without probable cause or a reasonable suspicion that you have committed a crime the officer cannot detain you any longer than necessary.
If the officer had probable cause to search your vehicle, he would not be asking for your consent to search. You would instead find yourself either face down in the road or sitting in a cruiser in handcuffs while your car is being torn apart.

The great men who founded this nation, fought and died for the rights and privileges that today are being chipped away at by the “authorities”. If you do not exercise and assert your rights, they WILL, over time be lost.
Your freedoms were paid for with the blood of patriots, you dishonor them by not defending these rights any time they are challenged.

Educate yourself. (carry a pocket copy of The Bill of Rights – feel free to recite them to law enforcement if necessary – educate them!)
Question authority if necessary, but do so respectfully. When stopped by law enforcement keep your hands in plain sight (both hands on the wheel, no threatening movements), be smart, don’t give them an excuse to kill you.

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