I-85 NB new exit to 316

Duluth, GeorgiaMar 01, 2011

This is the first of three exits off of I85 Northbound, with the other two being the HOV and a two lane exit. The first exit is a single lane and here is where officers from either one agency (County Police) or multi jurisdictional will be lined up and talk to every driver. Enough room to pull and inspect every car and every driver. Took me 10 mins to get to an officer; asked me where I was going, where I was coming from and if I had anything to drink. I had a crack in my windshield, but he let me drive on anyway without further interference. My estimation was that over 70% of the drivers were pulled off to the side for further searches. I now take the second exit or the HOV one and have seen this roadblock several times since then.

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