Intersection of Church and McCrimmon

Morrisville, North CarolinaApr 16, 2013

There were roadblocks on Church and one on McCrimmon the week before, early evening about 7:30pm. About half a dozen cruisers each time, set up with lights flashing, stopping both directions. The roadblock on McCrimmon was really backed up, but I was turning right and avoided it. I hit the one on Church a week later and was asked for my drivers license, which I provided, and they checked my plate. I asked if this was constitutional and he said it was, if it was done in a systematic approach. He was otherwise courteous, and ended our conversation quickly, letting me through.

These are legal, unfortunately. The operation of the checkpoint can’t technically be left to the discretion of the officer, it has to follow some sort of check point policy, but they are in no way accountable for providing this policy, before, during, or afterwards in court. So, yes, it is entirely within they’re discretion and there isn’t a thing we can do about it. Get a dash cam and stay safe!

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