Intersection of Pharr Road & Pharr Court South & North

Atlanta, GeorgiaOct 24, 2011

Every month or two, 8 to 10 Atlanta Police Dept. Cars set up a roadblock at the intersection of Pharr Road and Pharr Court South & North. “Chase” vehicles are also present. The roadblock set-up time is usually around dusk and/or early evening although it can run late as 9:00 p.m through midnight. Roadblocks are typically done on random weeknights. This particular intersection is in the middle of a cluster of condominiums and retirement communities in the Buckhead area. It is really a quiet neighborhood but it is also a stone’s throw from Peachtree St. and the Buckhead bar scene with many backroads to avoid the main drags (Peachtree St. & West Paces Ferry Rd.). I have never been stopped but I have observed the roadblocks because I live on this very corner in a mid-rise condominium. The police (and tow truck companies) do a brisk business. A police van or two is sometimes stationed and when they are filled, the roadblock is disbanded. Sadly, the police vans fill very quickly. The roadblocks seldom last more than an hour or so. Sometimes less…. In addition, police cars are also seen several times per month parking discreetly on Pharr Court South or Pharr Court North in the mornings and during early evenings to ticket cars over for “rolling stops”. Strangely, they have been seen on many Sunday evenings….. All this said, consider yourself forewarned…..

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