Interstate 90 toll both at Lee St. (Allstate Arena)

Rosemont, IllinoisMay 01, 2009

We were on our way to see The Dead (formerly Grateful Dead) in concert at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL on 5-5-09. At about 4PM on Interstate 90 at the toll both immediately before Lee St. which is the main exit for the Allstate Arena, we came up on two State Troopers on either side of us and they were at each and every toll both lane.

They asked us where we were going and we told them The Dead concert; they told us to pull over. We pulled over right behind an SUV that said K9 on it. The Trooper came up to us and asked my brother what we were smoking; he said cigarettes. The Trooper asked him to put it out and then inquired if we had smoked all our marijuana yet or if we were saving it for the concert.

The driver said, I’ve got three kids at home. My brother said, I’m too old for that. I said 20 years ago. The trooper looked around our 1978 VW bus and said okay get out of here. Close call! Called and warned another friend to avoid the toll both and take back roads to the concert. Later found out another friend got popped for open container at this roadblock.

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