Maine Turnpike I-95

New Gloucester, MaineAug 01, 2008

Maine State Police will sometimes pull Nazi duty to get more revenue for the State by ticketing you for the smallest infraction, Such as an expired inspection sticker. A trooper will be hiding out at the end of each tollbooth signaling drivers to pull over if you look like you’re under the age of 25. My inspection sticker was expired, however I don’t feel guilty about it since Maine spends next to nothing in repairing the roads. After giving me a lecture that I need to get it done because of "Safety" Reasons, he gave me a ticket. I travel the ‘Pike to my 70 hour a week job in Portland, just to be punished while thousands can just sit at home and live of Maine’s overgenerous welfare system. Nice knowing my fine will go directly to them. But remember: "Maine, the way life should be".

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