McCormick Blvd. between Main and Dempster

Skokie, IllinoisDec 01, 2010

Encountered northbound on McCormick Blvd. about 12:30 AM on Wednesday, 12/21/10. Was stopped going back on McCormick Blvd. southbound about an hour later. Very unsettling; the Skokie police has about 10 vehicles present blocking the street. This roadblock was hard to avoid b/c McCormick Blvd. has few cross streets to turn on in this area. To circumvent this, you must turn off ASAP when you see a cluster of police lights & spotlights. If you wait until the 1st major road before, they has cruisers present presumably to harass those going west away from the checkpoint. I am unsure of the frequency of this roadblock.

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