Moreland and Wylie St

Atlanta, GeorgiaJul 01, 2007

While driving home from a late movie, the roadblock in question was exactly one street up from the road I live off of. Once I turned on the street I had a helicoptor follow me two blocks to my house.

Once I had parked and was walking towards my driveway, two police cars quickly pulled up and told my roommate and myself to put our hands in the air. They then made us put our hands on the hood of their car, while they asked us if we were drinking, had drugs, or weapons on us. I turned around to tell the officer we lived here, the officer then shoved me and told me to keep my hands on the car.

The insurance sticker for 07 had fallen off of my vehicle, when I told the officers that they acted as if I couldn’t be telling the truth, and one of the officers snidely informed me that it would be a citation (or an excuse to harass us further).

Once running the license plate information, the officer then realized i was actually telling the truth about the insurance and had no reason to keep us after being embarassed about the reality of the situation. Before letting us go, one of the officers asked us if we had anything we wanted to tell them now, so they might go easy on us later. Two white boys driving into a black neighborhood at late at night, seems like profiling to me.

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