Old Tommys Market and Tusquittee St & Qualla Rd

Clay County, North CarolinaNov 01, 2010

Total harassment by uneducated ‘officers’. Asking for your license and registration and checking the tag is not a priority. Dogs always there. Told to not move around in vehicle and to roll windows up so dog can walk around while half of your neighbors watch.

Profiling based on hearsay around town. Using roadblocks because the officers in clay county don’t know how to perform REAL INVESTIGATIONS and catch criminals so all of us are stopped for 20 minutes at the least to 30 and still they find usually nothing. Want to know where are you going what are you doing.

The soon to be ex-Sheriff made a dictator-like rule that if you are out on the streets of Clay County after 12 midnight you can be stopped even if there is no just cause. People in Hayesville (law abiding honest people) are afraid to go to Huddle House or Walmart and they sneak on back roads to avoid this HARRASSMENT!!!!!!!!

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