Q Street off ramp @ I-80 westbound (near 118th Street)

Omaha, NebraskaJun 26, 2013

This occurs mostly before noon, once or twice per month. While a motorist is driving south/westbound on I-80 on the I, L, Q Street Exits access road (50 MPH Speed Limit), policeman A sets up atop the Q Street viaduct that crosses Interstate 80, directly above the access road, radar-ing all motorists passing underneath. The motorists who choose to take the Q Street off ramp do so, loop around the ramp only to find officer B, a DIFFERENT officer than the one who detected you on radar, flagging you down a few yard shy of the off ramp-Q St. intersection. A very sneaky, shady and highly QUESTIONABLE method of extracting the, up until now, honestly earned money of the citizens. They’re OMAHA Police, so turn on your camera in case they BEAT THE S*** out of you for no reason, or even MURDER you for reaching toward the release button on your SEAT BELT (both have happened)….(Don’t expect any REPERCUSSIONS outside of a paid vacation to be levied against the offending officer in this type of occurrence) Of course, they will probably just STEAL your camera if they notice it, anyway. At least that seems to be their Standard Operating Procedure, judging by certain YouTube videos.

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