Route 56 Louisville Near 56 Drive In

Louisville, New YorkAug 01, 2007

St Lawernce NY State Troopers a the roadblock/checkpoint always runs through your registration plates and licence to see any illegal activity inluding criminal convictions just from one fault example leak muffler you’ll be checked through out you’ll wait for awhile this means they are checking Everything your license, insurance, registration, past criminal convictions to find some excuse to fault.

They have a scouts a quarter mile away from each side of the roadblock/checkpoint radio in on a loud speaker at the roadblock to the faults they find like loud muffler no seatbelt speeding crack windshield etc.. personaly this is illegal to do for having a lookout scout most at the begining of month to the ending quota time.

Make sure you have your recipts from recent paid fines as like a suspended licence dept of motor vehicals can take up to 3 weeks to clear as police will still see it suspended on the system plus make shure you have your order of protection papers copy that is a no harrasment order in the car or youll end up in jail as they will just see a order of protection in the system.

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