State Hwy 26 (4 to 5 miles west of junction with US 49)

Wiggins, MississippiJun 01, 2011

Road was occupied along centerline by at least 10 Sheriff Deputies as well as Local LEO’s and one MSHP. Crusiers were parked on both sides of roadway with extremely bright warning lamps flashing. No signs in advance led me to believe this was an accident scene. I was asked for DL and proof of insurance. After visually verifying current tags and briefly having a flashlight shined into the passenger side my truck, I was handed back the documents and the LEO politely said "Have a good evening". Other than being slightly dangerous by not warning of the reason for the stop as well as having so many bright strobing lights active in the darkness and the obvious ignorance of the danger of having so many officers standing in the road, the time was minimal and only a minor annoyance. Other than a "Good evening" offered by me after rolling down my window, I did not have or offer any other conversation with LEO’s. I did hand them my "card" but it was ignored.

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