US Route 7 (south and north)

St. Albans, VermontSep 01, 2010

This "sobriety" checkpoint is conducted in St. Albans on Route 7 (north and south) on North Main st., right in front of the Hungerford Building and Go-Go Gas.

There are at least 15 cops there and they have usually have a viscious German shepard dog barking at you while you are stopped and questioned. When you are stopped, you are asked to show your "papers" (DL, insurance, registration) and while you are getting those for the cop, there are 2-3 other cops walking around your vehicle and looking in.

These unprofessional cops are NOT nice and they are very cocky, rude and arrogant. It looked like a scene 1939 Nazi Germany. Americans better wake up soon and see what their country is becoming because it’s going to get worse. Know your Constitutional Rights!

These checkpoints are NOT just for sobriety! They are "show your papers" checkpoints! Are these the kinds of "freedoms" are U.S. troops are fighting and dying for overseas? Yeah, right..ok. It makes me laugh when Americans say their troops are overseas fighting for our "freedoms" Americans better wake up soon. Soon, the entire 4th Amendment will be gone and they will be "checking" our homes.

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