Utica ave between union and Eastern pkwy

Brooklyn, New YorkOct 01, 2013

The officers are indiscriminately stopping every vehicle describing it as a safety check and telling drivers to pull up onto a shoulder to be evaluated. For example my windows were fully rolled down before I even put my car into drive And they told me to roll up my windows to check for window tents for which they had no reason to suspect them although I did have them there was no cause to stop me and I observed a vehicle in front of me with fully black tinted windows being allowed to pass through. To elaborate more on the issue is a heavy policed area and a mostly African-American neighborhood and even I as a Caucasian medical student two blocks away from the hospital I’m working at in scrubs will still subjected to a search and given no reason for the safety check at rush-hour at 5 PM. Also please note it is very disorganized as three different officers approached my vehicle and they took away my license after Telling me to roll up my windows and checking them and had me drive nearly 500 feet ahead and returned with my license and tickets after 15 minutes

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