White Horse Pike (Route 30)

Atco, New JerseyJan 01, 2003

BACKGROUND: My wife is Black, and I am a white male. We are also, most importantly, Lawful Citizens. We were pulled over despite the outward appearance of our vehicle having a current inspection sticker located in the proper location for such.

The officer put his head in to inspect it, and discovered it was for the previous owner. Many other cars were being (unlawfully) towed off after being (illegally) confiscated. SINCE this WAS on a private (closed) business location, and not on Public Land, I successfully challenged this citation in Court, citing that the Police had NO PROBABLE CAUSE for pulling us over for the "inspection."

I carry a US Constitution with the Bill of Rights. WHEN I came to the Court House, I spotted a sign on the Court Bulletin Board that said, "KNOW YOUR RIGHTS." The clerk thought I had NO way of escaping the fine and questioned me for why I was fighting this. I simply replied, "I know my rights."

The Court went into session, and the Judge called my name to go speak with the Officer, which I did. He expressed his anger at my challenge of the ticket and demanded I explain why I was doing it. Whereupon, I pointed out the Sign on the Courts own Bulletin Board. Then I pulled out my pocket copy of the US Constitution with the Bill of Rights.

I asked the Officer, WHY did you pull me over? He got angrier, and further demanded of me why I was challenging his ticket. I read him the portion of the Bill of Rights that says he must not use private property without the consent of the owner. I asked him, "Did you have consent of the owner?" He retorted, Yes. I said, "Do you have it in writing?" He said "No." I said he was in trouble with that answer.

I then asked, did you pay the owner for the right to use his private property? He did not say yes. I pointed out that the Bill of Rights REQUIRES "just payment to the owner." Afterwards, the Court called the matter, and issued a continuance, when the Officer declared that the state of NJ was NOT prepared to successfully prosecute me. I immediately made a verbal Motion to have the matter dismissed, declaring that I had come prepared to defend myself.

The Court erroneously declared that I had been there before, and had received a continuance upon request, and that this would be fair. I replied, respectfully, to the Court, that I had NEVER been present in his Court prior to this visit, and he still denied my Motion.

Upon return in 2 weeks, I noticed that the Court had REMOVED its sign that declared, "KNOW YOUR RIGHTS." The prosecutor had the Court call me out, and said to me privately, that if I would stipulate that the Officer DID have "probable cause," he would immediately agree to dismiss the case against me. I agreed to this and the case was dismissed.

However, we had friends in ATCO, NJ, and on each drive through, the local Police would ALWAYS turn around, and follow me very closely, seeking to intimidate me. After this happened a few times, a neighbor across the street from my Berlin, NJ residence, called me and asked why he saw the ATCO Police following me so closely, without stopping me.

Now that I had a witness to the intimidation, I notified a friend who I knew had access to their Chief of Police, that the very next time, I would file a Federal Lawsuit for the ongoing misconduct. The intimidation STOPPED, and NEVER again took place. THEY NEVER followed us, nor pulled us over for ANY reason after this.

Sorry for saying so much, but I want folks to know that you should challenge ALL US Constitutional Violations. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO PRESERVE YOUR RIGHTS. YOU HAVE NONE IF YOU SELECT TO WAIVE THEM by NON-ASSERTION. I have 2 brothers who themselves are Police Officers, and I love them, so this is NOT a challenge to LAWFUL Authority, but to UNLAWFUL CONDUCT, period.

THE US Constitution, our Bill of Rights are written in such a manner that they can NEVER be repealed, not even by a NEW "constitutional convention," which has been repeatedly attempted. Not by Treaty amendment, not by any other often reported device. ALL SUCH efforts are to give the "color of law" to that which can never become Lawful conduct within this nation.

Support the Law, not Unlawful Acts carried out in the name of the Law! Yes, even US Presidents can BREAK and VIOLATE the Law. Let NO ONE get away with such. If the us Supreme Court ever sides with such unlawful conduct, then it is STILL up to We the People to UNDO the damage, to insure the Rights of the next generation! Love your children? Then FEARLESSLY STAND FIRM for ALL of your Lawful Rights, ALWAYS!

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