Wildlife Rd, Antioch Rd, Saints Delight Ch Rd, and Halfmoon

Bridgeton, North CarolinaMay 10, 2013

Every week on Halfmoon road just past the graveyard around the first curve in between the two houses located past the cemetary, usually around 11:00 AM and then around 3PM. On Wildlife just before the little bridge and occuring at apx the same time of day as Halfmoon. On Antioch just before the curve that interescts the bridgeton elementary school road, usually on Sundays around 11 AM and again at 5 PM. This is getting to be slightly ridiculous, it seems that just because we live in a rural country area we are always getting stopped by road blocks, all they are doing is harrassing us and somehow this type of harrassment must be stopped. Why don’t they do what they are being paid to do, work the streets to get rid of the rapists, murderers, drug dealers and gangs and leave everyone else to their own business. I am rather sick and tired of having to see them just about everyday and this is truly nonsense.

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