Florence, South Carolina Roadblocks

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Freedom florence

Florence, South CarolinaAug 21, 2016


Florence Co. Marion Co. Dillon Co

Florence, South CarolinaAug 29, 2012

The South Carolina Highway Patrol will be conducting vehicle inspection points from June 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011 in the Pee Dee Area.

Cashua and Third Loop Road

Florence, South CarolinaNov 01, 2007

The officer’s told us that someone had robbed a gas station that they were looking for someone. They let a lot of people go because they had other drivers trying to escape and cut of the road block completely making themselves obvious that somethings wronge. anyways, they set this one up a lot during the weekdays, ex late night Mondays, Wednesday, Thursday

Blitzgel Rd & Southborough Rd

Florence, South CarolinaSep 01, 2003

Just happened upon this roadblock on 9/13/03 at midnight. They asked for my driver’s license, then walked around to the back of my car. The officer looked at my license plate and then walked back around and gave me my license back. I noticed they didn’t give the car ahead of me much trouble either. I’m not sure what they were looking for, but there were several state troopers present and they all had orange vests on, like they planned on being there for a while.

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