Powhatan, Virginia Roadblocks

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red lane and three bridge

Powhatan, VirginiaMar 21, 2015

Stop and identify… stopped traffic no signage to ask for drivers license. When I inquired what type of checkpoint this is his responce was a compliance checkpoint… I asked about signage he stated that be a use it was not a dui checkpoint they dd not see signage.

Genito Rd, Powhatan /Amelia line

Powhatan, VirginiaMar 10, 2014

Asked for license, I asked why….he said you’d be surprised, I asked again… and he said…to get people who don’t belong off the road. I said its so wrong, read the 4th amendment.

522 near 711

Powhatan, VirginiaSep 24, 2012

Officers on both sides of the road stopping cars. When I asked if there was a problem, he asked for my license. I again asked if there was a problem, he said that “this is just something new we’re doing”. He refused to give me more info but they WERE pulling over cars who did not stop.

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