Richmond, Virginia Roadblocks

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hull st near southside plaza

Richmond, VirginiaMar 26, 2015

Right exactly on the overway

Masonic Lane

Richmond, VirginiaMar 14, 2014

So called license & registration checkpoint

Willy Bridge (Chippenham/Parham)

Richmond, VirginiaDec 01, 2008

This roadblock was on the Parham side of the Willy Bridge, stopping both sides of traffic. It was around 1 AM on a random weekend night. I waited nearly an hour only to be questioned for a few minutes. I did not see any chaser cars (probably because there is nowhere to go…you’re on a bridge!). As a side note, there are ALWAYS cops sitting in that same place at all hours of the day monitoring speed; I’m sure anybody traveling that road frequently has seen them.

Main Street past Belvedere (Monroe Park)

Richmond, VirginiaDec 01, 2008

This one was designed to get everyone coming from all the bars downtown. They started at 12:00 around the holidays; don’t remember if it was weeknight or weekend. It’s difficult to set up roadblocks downtown with so many available turns and such, but this was done so anyone hitting it would be coming from one way streets. Cop was a dick; asked me if I was sure I had not been drinking after I just said I was coming from my parent’s house. Failed to notice (or didn’t care) that the registration I handed over was expired.

West Broad Street between 288 & Short Pump

Richmond, VirginiaDec 01, 2008

They had this one set up last New Years. I did not actually hit it but heard about it and was surprised they would stop all cars on Broad Street. Also saw a cop sitting there in the median last night (11 pm) presumably checking speed, but that’s not a first.

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