Parkersburg, West Virginia Roadblocks

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Core Road towards the end that meets Rt.31/ Old St. Marys Pi

Parkersburg, West VirginiaJan 23, 2015

Roadblock was conducted by state troopers as soon as u turn on Core Rd. With no possible way to turn around or take a different route, drivers are forced through the block being stopped by officers in both lanes going in both directions. Conducted in the afternoon hours between 12-3 pm. No reason given for block and when asked the reason repeatedly, the officers ignored the question and immediately tell drivers to pull off the road since the driver looks very wirried which leads into a line of of multiple questions thrown at the driver such as are u worried, do u have any warrants, what r u nervous for, is this your vehicle, is it legal, what am i going to find when i run your info, u wanna tell me anything now, have u been drinking, is that marijauna i smell, are u on drugs, and before answering or while trying to answer told again forcefully and in accusing tone to pull up as they directed and warned that it will be easier if the driver is honest. Once pulled off another officer is waiting to further question driver and any passengers as well as get IDs of passengers, ask to search car, ask if there is anything illegal in car, accuse driver of being under influence or hiding something and ask driver to step out of vehicle and not to move while they question passengers. When license, registration, insurance come back valid, officer spends a few more mins of questioning before suspiciously allowing u to leave. If something comes back invalid, driver is immediately told to exit vehicle and to call for a ride if they have phone because vehicle is getting towed. With the reason being that even if completely legal but documents are outdated then the vehicle should not be operated and can picked up from impound when issues are corrected and documentation shown and impound fees paid and driver is also told that all possessions must remain in vehicle other than items such as cell phone, purse, diaper bag,etc. This is a completely ridiculous roadblock to harass people. And conducted in town on a residential road by state troopers who should be patrolling the highways. This roadblock is also unannounced prior to time or reported in newspaper prior to event and both drivers i know of has ever been given reason and no authorities have ever been further questioned about blocks at this location. In this area it is a normal occurrence.

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