The Roadblock Registry

Over 3,000 user-submitted roadblock locations in the United States and Canada.

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What is a Roadblock?

A roadblock is a barricade set up by law enforcement to selectively stop and question motorists. The only justification for stopping citizens under a roadblock scenario is to warn them of unseen peril that could cause injury or death. Too often roadblocks are used to circumvent the need for probable cause to interrogate and search occupants of motor vehicles.

State / Province Spotlight

Ontario, Canada
Ontario routinely makes the NMA’s annual list of top speed trap locations. Last year was no exception as Ontario beat all other states and provinces for top honors. In addition, three of the top …
Much of the civil unrest in suburban St. Louis over the last year has been linked to public frustration with onerous traffic enforcement coupled with court systems that operate more like debtors pr…
South Carolina
South Carolina
South Carolina is home to one of the most distinctive landmarks in America: the famous peach-shaped water tower in Gaffney. Look for it along I-85, but don’t get too distracted. You’ll also nee…

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