Learn About Roadblocks

Court Cases Involving Roadblocks

This is a collection of court cases that pertain to roadblocks at both the federal and state levels.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Motorists commonly wonder about the answers to these questions concerning roadblocks. We've done our best to answer them for drivers like you.
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Our Position On Roadblocks

We oppose the use of roadblocks, period. The only justification for stopping citizens under a roadblock scenario is to warn them of an unseen peril that could cause injury or death to an unsuspecting motorist.
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Roadblock-Related Links

We've collected a few links relating to roadblocks on this page.
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The Politics of Roadblocks

Re-gaining our personal privacy is a battle that will have to be fought in the legislative arena.
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Your Rights At A Roadblock

This article explains some of the rights that motorists currently have at roadblocks and how you can protect them when encountering a roadblock.
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