Garden Grove, California Roadblocks

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On Magnolia Southbound at Chapman

Garden Grove, CaliforniaAug 25, 2012

10PM 8/25/2012
I passed it going northbound. They just set up shop.
The usual:
Road is down to one lane, three squad cars, two motorcycles to catch ones who try to U turn to avoid roadblock

Chapman Ave / Magnolia Ave

Garden Grove, CaliforniaAug 22, 2011

Checkpoint not 100% Operational due to local shooting occurring. 8/21/2011 8/22/2011 Continous monitoring of surrounding streets for drunk drivers and narcotics. People getting stopped while walking and being harassed. Narcotics being a BIG priority tonight.

Northbound Harbor blvd. at Woodburry

Garden Grove, CaliforniaJan 01, 2006

DUI and CDL checkpoint.

Valley View North of Chapman

Garden Grove, CaliforniaJan 01, 2004

During rush hour after work. Seemed to be checking for DUI.

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