San Dimas, California Roadblocks

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Arrow Hwy 1 Block West of Lone Hill

San Dimas, CaliforniaJan 01, 2007

Not always asked about destination or other activities. One time I came up to a traffic jam there, I couldn’t see why so I turned into a gas station to avoid it. I live around the corner. Upon turning I see 2 Motor Officers then I knew. I was forced to go through the line or I would be cited and possibly jailed. Alcohol was not an issue and they knew it.

Arrow Hwy east of Walnut

San Dimas, CaliforniaAug 01, 2003

LA County Sheriff deputies set up the checkpoints in this area under the pretense that it is a "driver license check" but they will ask questions or for paperwork about your vehicle’s (modified) equipment.

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