Martin, Florida Roadblocks

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Martin hwy ext i95

Martin, FloridaJan 27, 2015

I-95 @ SR714 martin highway
Martin, Florida

Warning sign just before overpass read “all drugs will be confiscated. prepare to stop K-9” @ aprox. 9pm northbound. I exited. Was getting ready to get pulled over There must have been 50+ patrol cars. I somehow drove past all the patrol cars without getting stopped. My lucky day. Wow.

I-95 @ SR714 martin highway

Martin, FloridaJun 03, 2014

Warning sign just before overpass read “prepare to stop K-9” @ aprox. 6pm northbound. If you exited on 714, you get pulled over, multible vehicles pulled over by MCSO for “rolling thru the stop sign” in my case.
I can understand the reason for it being that drugs and weapons are out of control all over the state, but stopping traffic on a major interstate is more of a danger to citizens and should be illegal.

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