Stockbridge, Georgia Roadblocks

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Hwy 138 Southbound Exit Ramp

Stockbridge, GeorgiaMay 01, 2010

Stopped regarding drinking. Did sobriety test and failed walking line. Blew alcohol sensor..0% took into station and did blood test because of failing walk line test. Bonded out and blood test came back NEGATIVE for everything. CASE DROPPED.. Bottom line do not accept any Field tests!!!!!.

I-75S Exit Ramp & State Route 138

Stockbridge, GeorgiaMar 01, 2010

This is an update to an existing roadblock, listed as being in Stockbridge on SR 138. For the last 3 years, the roadblock has consistently been located on the exit ramp where I75 southbound dumps onto hwy 138 (and not elsewhere). Officers check for ID, look at registration stickers, shine lights into cars, and have drug dogs available.

SR 138

Stockbridge, GeorgiaJun 01, 2008

Exact location varies along SR 138 east of downtown Stockbridge. Officers never ask questions but attempt to use flashlights to inspect visible items in the car.

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