Collinsville, Illinois Roadblocks

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Illinois Highway 159 and Main Street

Collinsville, IllinoisJun 01, 2010

This checkpoint is in a "blind alley" where Hwy 159 comes through downtown Collinsville and crosses Main Street. There is a traffic light where you must turn right and then straight on Main Street or jog left on 159. Once you reach the point where you must bear right or left you are stuck in traffic and can’t egress due to a median divider and other traffic.

You are then in a funnel with a bank to your left and businesses on the right and the whole block is police performing the roadblock. I have not been stopped in this roadblock as I ride my bike late at night through town and I’ve ridden through the checkpoint as well as sat and video-taped what happens.

I believe their mathematical formula is not consistent because they will allow a long line of cars to proceed while other times stopping every other or so. I’ve seen this begin as early as 8pm and proceed past 11pm. There are usually 6 -8 cars and about 12 officers. There is little warning about this block.

I-55 North at Black lane

Collinsville, IllinoisAug 01, 2008

There is a sign about 1/4 to 1/2 mile before the Black lane exit, that will read "drug checkpoint 1 mile".Just stay on the highway, because if you get off at Black lane, you will find this para-military style roadblock.

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