Schaumburg, Illinois Roadblocks

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Exit ramp for Algonquin Rd. from 355/290

Schaumburg, IllinoisDec 31, 2013

You can’t see the roadblock when you get off 355/290 onto Algonquin Rd. exit. As the exit archs around, you end at Algonquin Rd. The police stop all traffic at the end of the exit, before being allowed to go east or west on Algonquin. Vehicle tags, registration, window tints are inspected along with a demand for the drivers license and insurance. Alleged odors or behavior will result in extraction from vehicle for further search/inspection and sobriety test.
I last encountered this around 8/2013. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them here on New Years Eve.
Good luck, and remember. “I don’t concent to searches”. Don’t answer any questions until you speak with an attorney. Be polite.

Algonquin road, wear of Rt 53 and meachum road

Schaumburg, IllinoisJul 20, 2013

Road blocked off and all traffic is being directed around the areas of Motorola on Algonquin. All traffic blocked from entering the block of stores including: Shell gas, Aldi’s, Culvers, Wendies, Steak house-spa-florist & all other businesses on Algonquin & Meachum.

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