Paxico, Kansas Roadblocks

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Approx. 30 miles East of Topeka, KS on I-70

Paxico, KansasJan 31, 2015

I was traveling east bound on I-70 through Kansas on Friday 1-30-15 at around 11:30pm and when I got about 30 miles east of Topeka I came upon signs with flashing lights on them that said something like “Drug Check Point Ahead” & “Drug Dog on Duty”. The signs were in the median and were setup one right after the other. Then just beyond those they had some blue flashing lights. I never saw a cop, but they had to be watching from somewhere. If you see these just keep on driving straight through. Don’t get off on the next exit or try to turn around. This is a setup and if they see you do anything suspicious they will pull you over and search your vehicle. I’ve seen this setup on a few other Interstate highways and if you stay on the Interstate and drive straight through you will be fine.

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