Peewee Valley, Kentucky Roadblocks

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La Grange Road in Pewee Valley

Peewee Valley, KentuckyDec 06, 2014

Just before 10PM on a Saturday night 12/07/2014 – one LEO checking traffic westbound towards Louisville, three LEO eastbound into Oldham County. Several law enforcement vehicles in a parking area to the south of the road, with traffic eastbound backed up to just before the Kroger Shopping Center at La Grange Road and I265 exchange over a mile away. Only asked me for a drivers license – driver white middle aged in older but not beat up SUV. There are roads just on the other side of the railroad tracks that parallel La Grange Road, but the location of the DUI checkpoint might catch someone trying to do that – it was hard to tell in the dark while fumbling for my license. Trains routinely cause backups on this road and the checkpoint is positioned so you cannot really see what is happening until you are already stopped due to traffic backup. No signs were readily evident, but I was trying to determine if it was an accident I would have to detour around so I wasn’t watching carefully them in the dark.

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