Soso, Mississippi Roadblocks

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Hwy 28 and Lebanon Road

Soso, MississippiAug 01, 2010

Located on a long straightaway with no turn offs Between Hwy 84 and Soso. Mississippi Highway Patrol enjoys this spot. Sometimes they just glance at your license and tag other times they want to play 87 questions or until another car comes along to harass.

When they start asking questions these guys act dumb, keep asking you to repeat trying to trip you up, asked 10 times where I was going and then never understood and said as much. Kept asking if we were coming from a ballgame, I said no five or six times.

They were not paying attention to body language as half the time their backs were turned (not smart) and it’s dark there. I was allow to drive off after 10 minutes of questions as they started harassing a senior citizens and asking where he thought he was going that time of night, It was 11PM Friday night.

As I left they said they still didn’t understand what I was doing out at such an hour and I was as old as one of them. I wonder if they don’t take bets on how crazy they can act with the public like in Super Troopers. "I’ll keep telling him I don’t understand and asking where are you going."

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