Fenton, Missouri Roadblocks

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Hwy 141 and Fiedler Lane

Fenton, MissouriMay 31, 2014

05/30/2014 – 11:30 PM. Friday night. First time ever seen roadblock in this location. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept had one lane blocked by trailers used as process and interrogation area and were having vehicles towed to Miner’s Towing – conveniently located about 1/4 mile away (found this out later). Was asked for driver’s license, registration and had I been drinking. Gave driver’s license and registration. Politely declined answering question about drinking. Officer asked again, and I told him I was under no obligation to answer questions about my private affairs. I then asked him what was his probable cause to stop my vehicle. He said nothing, just glared at me. I then asked “May I leave now?” I had the impression he was new to law enforcement as he called over another officer. They had a private conversation; the other officer looked at me and said to let me through.

Intersection of Old Highway 141 and Corisande Hills Rd

Fenton, MissouriJun 07, 2013

6/6/2013 @ approx. 9:00 P.M.

Three way roadblock for DUI checkpoint. I was asked if I had been drinking, where I was headed, and what the address of my destination was. Seems unconstitutional if you ask me. They pretty much set it up to catch anyone going in or out of the Winter Valley subdivision.

Gravois Bluffs and 141

Fenton, MissouriAug 27, 2011

Every car stopped at a DUI checkpoint with 8 police cars.

Gravois Bluffs at Hwy 30

Fenton, MissouriSep 01, 2010

So many cops portable trailers tow trucks. Looked like they were looking for osama bin ladin.

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